Welcome to the 18th Century Fair of Isokyrö

The unique milieu of the Old Church and local history museum of Isokyrö has provided an authentic 17th century atmosphere for us ever since our first fair in 1994.
Every year, on the second weekend of August, artisans across Finland gather here to sell their extraordinary handmade products in the historical surroundings of Isokyrö.
The annual 17th Century Fair is Finland´s third biggest old time fair based on the amount of visitors and on top of that, one of the biggest arts and crafts events in the whole country. Over the course of three days, we have been privileged to welcome approximately 15 000-22 000 visitors nationwide, and we warmly welcome you to join us again on the weekend of 11-13th August 2022Cannon shots will be launched to mark the opening of the event at 4pm on Friday the 11th August 2022.

Guide for Visitors

What the fair has to offer

Handmade goods and products

From traditional knives to jewellery, from stoneware pottery to wool, as well as edibles and souvenirs from self-sufficient farms

Feast and entertainment

Traditional working style showcases, music, and speeches about the past in the Old Church milieu

Come and experience with us

Old times atmosphere
Viking blacksmith expertise
Horsepower ride with a Zetor tractor

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